Today was Grace Crilly’s first birthday and to celebrate John and Julie came out to Rancho Chilamate for a family photo shoot.
Little Gracie was teething so it was more challenging than we thought to get her to smile…. but I figure ‘capturing the moment’ includes funny faces when you’re sucking your gums. I love this beautiful family and look forward to sharing more photos of John’s gorgeous girls. Feliz Cumpleaños Grace. 

Grace_First_Bday_28 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_29 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_03 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_42 copy.JPGGrace_Collage_2 copy.jpgGrace_First_Bday_27 copy.jpgGrace_First_Bday_09 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_19 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_21 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_38 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_33 copy.JPGGrace_First_Bday_44 copy.jpg